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Our Favourite 2019 Google Font Pairings

Looking back on some of our favourite Google Font pairings we either found or created throughout 2019

Are you after some inspiration for a design project or even just need some ideas for typesetting? I’ve compiled a list (in no particular order) of our favourite Google font pairings from 2019. Typography can be interpreted in many different ways and font uses largely depend on application and context. However, I thought I would share with you some of our faves and our ideas on what they would be good for. Enjoy.

1. Playfair Display & Poppins

This combination gives off a decorative, quirky and creative vibe. Full of positivity and going against the status quo. 

Great for: Boutiques, hair & beauty salons, cosmetics, charities.

2. Montserrat & Roboto Slab

These two demonstrate, calm, relaxation and mindfulness. Visually, they create a sense of productivity, wellbeing and self care. 

Great for: Yoga studios, meditation, spirituality, day spas, health industry practices, retreats.

3. Merriweather & Muli

Merriweather and Muli create an aesthetic perfect for representing health and wellbeing products. Whether it be good nutrition, supplements, skincare or haircare, I can see it looking nice on some well designed packaging.

Great for: Skincare and haircare brands, recipe books, restaurant menus, candles, nutritional supplements. 

4. Oswald & Lato

These two suit well for anything action or adventure related. When put with the right imagery, it can create a sense of enthusiasm, exploration and determination.

Great for: Outdoor adventure, camping, running, hiking, 4WD, fitness, bootcamps, extreme sports, gym.

5. Raleway & Montserrat

Demonstrating sophistication, innovation and expertise, these fonts are perfect for a business emerging in a saturated industry, looking to offer a fresh aesthetic instead of something traditonal and proffesional (or safe). At least that’s how I saw it used throughout the year. Montserrat was one of the most popular Google fonts of 2019 and I noticed it being used for many rebrands and startups.

Great for: Startups, finance, marketing, health and fitness, building and renovation, trades.

6. Playfair Display & Rubik

To me this fresh and creative pairing gives me a sense of something traditional but reinvented. I think it would work really well for an idea trying to break through stereotypes or expectations and give a fresh perspective in a certain industry.

Great for: Startups, fashion, food and groceries, make-up, hospitality, artisan crafts, handmade items.

7. Muli & Muli

With 16 styles, Muli is a very versatile typeface. Hence why you can create nice title and body pairings with it. I really loved this one for the contrast it created. The title style is clear, legible and creates a sense of urgency, importance and alert.

Great for: Outdoor adventure, charity, sports, tools, user interface design, brochures and flyers, ecommerce, digital marketing, gym, festivals, security.

8. Roboto Slab & Roboto

I see this pair working well for a brand or business looking to find the middle ground between a contemporary and retro vibe. Whether it’s a boutique local business or a big time bank or mining service, it presents a great mix of structure and sophistication. 

Great for: Barbershop, brewery, bar, banking, mining and construction.

9. Roboto & Bai Jamjuree

This pairing of Roboto and Bai Jamjuree screams modern and innovative. I reckon it would work very well for the digital/tech industry, perhaps for a creative IT agency looking to step out from the crowd. 

Great for: IT, digital space, marketing, instruction manuals, diagrams and infographics, scientific services.

10. Abril Fatface & Open Sans

Abril and Open Sans create a calm yet creative and exciting aesthetic. They give a sense of good care and execution, while also being quirky and different. 

Great for: Outdoor adventure, creative agency, artists and artisans, charities, animal shelters, journalism, real estate, textiles.

So there you have it. I hope you found some value in this and have some new ideas for how you can use Google Fonts. The way things are going, it won’t be long before we have a brand new set of favourites which I look forward to sharing with you. Stay classy.

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