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Same great philosophy, new approach to our work.

Introducing our new branding and some insights into what led to the change.

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Introducing the new face of Clever Fox Creative.

If you’ve found your way here you’ve probably seen our new branding in different places, but here’s a closer look…

So why the rebrand?

We’ve had a general desire to improve our identity and aesthetics for a while, but we figured with growth and internal changes underway, it was a good time to tie it all together.

For a branding and web studio, we haven’t always practiced what we preach in regards to our own branding and website, and we figured it was time to do so. There were also some new and exciting things happening that we wanted to bring into the spotlight.

Marty from Silver Lining Wines

Marty Edwards from Silver Lining Wine

1. Who we work with

There’s only so much time in a day, and a limit to how many projects we can work on at once. Therefore, we need to be selective with the work we’re taking on board. We really want to put our energy into people we really want to work with, and on the projects we really want to work on. 

Passionate people who love what they do

Theres nothing more rewarding than helping someone bring their vision to life and working with them collaboratively to do so. We value relationships highly and have a lot of fun with the clients who are emotionally invested in their business and have a true love for what they do.

Businesses who have a purpose bigger than themselves

We love working within our community to give back, to educate and to inspire. We love working the businesses who share this same philosophy and love to getting involved.

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2. Activity & Influence

Things have been pretty dismal in the content department for us. There’s a lot of cool things that happen and projects we create that we haven’t been sharing to the world. It’s time we change this. 

Sharing our work and shenanigans

We plan to open the window to our workspace and share what goes on in our day to day activity. This also includes showing our work and giving insights into our processes and provide examples of what working with us looks like.

Provide education and resources

Creating valuable and useful content will be another focal point for us. Our goal is to create a vast collection of ebooks, workbooks, videos, workshops and other forms of content designed to help business owners make their content look and work better for them.

Stylescape examples

3. Refined Processes

We’ve recently been implementing some new stages to our processes that help us create better outcomes for our clients. Some of these include interactive exercises in Discovery Sessions, Stylescapes and Prototypes. 

So as you can see this rebrand means more to us than just a nice logo. We love what we do, and love making impact on people lives and businesses through design and web. For now, we’ll continue down this path and see where it takes us.

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