Meet Clever Fox Creative

Curious, Clever & Creative


Clever Fox Creative is a studio that knows our knitting and empowers clients to set their ideas free to become brands with heart.

Nick and Josh talking
A Fresh Experience

That moment an idea becomes an accomplishment

We seek out passionate people to work with. We delve into their thought process and uncover the ideas; the big ‘why’. We’ve designed a process that’s chill, comfortable and supported by an ample supply of cookies and hot coffee. Many clients become friends. We connect with those with passion, who see the bigger picture, and who consciously choose to give back.


Meet the Team

People are what delivers creativity. Our team of brilliant experts fit together like Lego, each adding a vital element that creates a visual brand and business footprint that instantly creates that customer connection.
Terri Williams
Terri Williams
Founder & Web Wizard
Nick Timms
Nick Timms
Web Designer
Josh Milligan
Joshua Milligan
Graphic Designer
Leo Dipidip
Leonora Dipidip
Support & Customer Lovin’
Hani Mouneimne
Featured case study

Creating a Silver Lining that goes beyond dark clouds

Silver Lining Wine is a new entrant to the bustling Adelaide Hills wine scene with a fresh future and an experienced past, with Winemaker Marty Edwards having over 20 years in the industry as a vigneron.

A Parkinson’s diagnosis was the impetus for a fresh start and the creation of a new vehicle to give back. Marty and Clever Fox Creative partnered to produce the website for his new venture, Silver Lining Wine, a carefully curated selection of wines which represent unique parcels from elite Adelaide Hills sites.

Connecting customers with enthusiasm and passion.

We pay it forward. We empower our clients. We work with change-makers. We host happy hour with board games on Fridays.

Being in business is not one-dimensional. Customers know this, and authentic, compassionate clients are our jam.


We show our beating hearts. Our thinking, our processes, our communication; it’s all transparent and focused on trust.

Giving Back

We value our local community and ensure we give back, whether it’s by raising funds, or creating in-kind projects.


We empower our clients to become one with their brand. After all, it’s their passion and we support them as they evolve.

We believe in people over profit

People are at the centre of every idea, concept, and business. The person is the key, and we go out of our way to nurture long-term, collaborative and caring connections with our clients.

Our story so far

Everyone has a story. Get to know ours.

Small Beginnings

Our Founder, Terri, started Clever Fox Creative as a solo operation. Based in the dark and dank second bedroom of a highway-side flat, the dream began.

One Became Two

Our first foray into a team happened four years ago, when office DJ and designer Nick joined the gang and entered the second bedroom.

We Kept Growing

Some incredible clients and collaborators came on board, and we designed, built and learnt, and designed, built and learnt some more.

We Opened Our First Studio

It was time to move, and we were thrilled to pop the welcome mat out the front of our first studio in Unley, SA.

Our Den Grew

Our wonderful team grew, with three new additions, and we opened our fabulous studio in a larger space in Hyde Park.

We Look Forward to the Future

Today, we look forward to a future full of afternoon biscuits, clients we love, and building new and inspiring connections with passionate folk.

We go through an authentic and collaborative experience with our clients.