Silver Lining Wines

Creating a Silver Lining that goes beyond dark clouds

Silver Lining Wines is a new entrant to the bustling Adelaide Hills wine scene with a fresh future and an experienced past, with Winemaker Marty Edwards having over 20 years in the industry as a vigneron.

The Who

Among the vines of The Lane Vineyard, Marty learnt the vigneron’s craft from his father, and those skills have given him an incredible foundation in the wine industry. Everything changed for Marty in 2012 when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, and his diagnosis and the upheaval that came with that was the impetus for a fresh start and the creation of a new vehicle to give back; Silver Lining Wines.

The Requirements

Terri and our team were connected with Marty through his specialist wine label designer, and it was a connection that proved to be a natural fit right away. As far as we were concerned, Marty is a dream client, as he had faith in our work and that we’d do what was right for him and his new brand.  Marty needed an e-commerce website, which was business-critical, as he doesn’t have a shopfront or cellar door that people can visit. His website would be the only interface he has to promote and sell his carefully curated selection of wines which represent unique parcels from elite Adelaide Hills sites. 

The Solution

The first thing we noticed about Marty when he was briefing us was how funny, super cool and down to earth he is, all ingredients for a great working relationship. Marty had already developed a brand and had his wine labels in place, which included a lot of textured, grainy design elements and hand-written flourishes. Another notable thing about the new Silver Lining Wines brand was its uniqueness; in Adelaide there are indeed a small handful of wine disruptors, but for the most part our local wineries are very traditional in their style. It was refreshing to work on a such a unique and contemporary brand.

The Now

Marty smashed his sales targets in his first week of the site going live is now being stocked in a wide range of venues. Marty has been able to update his website in-house with the help of his marketing assistant and plans to work with us every year to review the site and keep it fresh. His clients have shared that they find his site easy to use, and it’s captured both Marty’s personality, and the Silver Lining Wines essence perfectly. 

Marty shared with us, “After my Parkinson’s diagnosis, I wanted to contribute to research, and I didn’t have any other levers to pull, so I had to do what I do best – make wine – and use that to my advantage. I’m not looking to cure Parkinson’s, but I did want to contribute to something specific and tangible and bite off something I could actually chew. For now, I’m focused on Silver Lining Wines donating to an MRI test that identifies Parkinson’s disease more cohesively and accurately than other tests. There are 8 other diseases that mimic Parkinson’s, so there’s a lot of early misdiagnoses, and this MRI scan is a fantastic addition to the toolbox and I’m thrilled to be able to contribute to that”. 

The Clever Fox Creative team is very invested in our community and giving back is core to who we are. That’s part of the reason why we’re thrilled to have played a pivotal role in bringing Silver Lining Wines to market and can genuinely, highly recommend the wines, and the great cause and winemaker behind it. 

We welcome the curious, the inquisitive, the creative and the thinkers.