Our Branding Process

Uncovering passion, driving creation

Every day, we turn passions into realitieS

Clever Fox Creative has a collaborative process that gets to the heart of your business and empowers us to create brands that tell your story and connect with clients.


Four steps that redefine the roadmap



We deep dive with you to uncover the heart of your vision. This is a comfortable, chill process, because we know the best ideas come from a happy, confident place.



We get creative and harness our design skills to explore ideas for a visual landscape that is stylish, modern, innovative and unique to you and your business.



We refine and tweak every element, until we get to the perfect outcome. Your complete brand with all accompanying files and the Brand Styleguide 


Launch & Handover

We work with you to launch your stunning new brand in the world, and your style guide gives you the roadmap to roll it out.
Getting to know you

Discovery Session

We know that the more effort we put in to understand our clients at the start, the better the outcomes. We pride ourselves on our ability to ask the right questions and get to the heart of what you need.

We start by sending an online questionnaire. It’s easy to do and is – importantly – designed to get you thinking about your business and its history, image, values, competitors, points of difference, your audience and the things that inspire you. This gives us a vital base so we can mould the brief and prepare for the discovery session.

The next step is a deeper dive during a discovery session, where we get you comfortable and run through some interactive exercises that support us as we come up with a totally original and authentic brand for your business. We’re focused on creating a business portrayal that resonates with the people who matter.

This discovery session establishes your competitor mapping, positioning, user personas and your brand voice, and is key to everything that comes next.

Getting Creative

Ideation Stage

Equipped with the findings from the Discovery stage, we create Stylescapes (mood boards on steroids). These are designed to provide different directions to explore, without having to choose between refined concepts. It works as a great stepping stone as it’s a visual manifestation of how we can move forward. These are each based off of different user personas we outline in Discovery, and help give you a feel and visualise the brand experience.

We use the feedback from the Stylescapes to influence the direction moving forward, exploring colours, fonts, image libraries and photographic styles, shapes, icons and more. These are the tools that we work with to create a story, a feel and a mood. A single picture can tell a story of a thousand words, and your brand will do the same.

“Your brand isn’t what you say it is. It’s what they say it is..”

Marty Neumeier
Bringing the vision to life

The Creation

We work to refine and amalgamate your brand elements and create a unique, original and exciting brand your customers love.

We develop the Brand Styleguide and finalise all forms of your branding, putting all the puzzle pieces together.

It's Go Time

Launch & Handover

We see smooth sailing ahead. When we launch your brand, we give you a full suite of assets and a beautiful style guide that’s your brand blueprint. We step you through every element and the thinking behind it, but you’ll understand it in an instant.

This brand is now yours to merge into your business. We don’t just hand you the style guide and run, but provide you with the design assets and guides you need to roll out your brand wherever you need it, and we put you in the drivers’ seat. Importantly, we’re always here for you if you need us.

We welcome the curious, the inquisitive, the creative and the thinkers.