Our Website Process

Creative, purposeful and inspiring websites

Every day, we turn passions into realitieS

Clever Fox Creative has a collaborative process that gets to the heart of your business and empowers us to create digital assets that your customers adore.


Four steps that redefine the roadmap



We deep dive with you to discover what makes you and your customers tick. We approach this in a relaxed, non-technical way so that it’s all about the ideas.



We get creative and harness our web design skills to create a digital visual landscape and prototype that is smooth, accessible, and hits the mark.



We custom build everything. Your business has its own flavour and voice, and we build unique websites that tell customers that story.


Launch & Handover

We work with you to release your new website into the world, and hand it over, empowering you to keep it thriving.
Getting to know you

Discovery Session

We know that the more effort we put in to understand our clients at the start, the better the outcomes. We pride ourselves on our ability to ask the right questions and get to the heart of what you need.

We start by sending an online questionnaire. It’s easy to do and is – importantly – designed to get you thinking about your business and its history, image, values, competitors, points of difference, your audience and the things that inspire you. This gives us a vital base so we can mould the brief and prepare for the Discovery Session. 

The next step is a deeper dive during a Discovery Session, where we get you comfortable and run through some exercises that support us as we come up with something original for your business. We’re focused on creating a business portrayal that resonates with the people who matter. 

This Discovery Session establishes your competitor mapping, positioning, user personas and your brand voice, and is key to everything that comes next.

Getting Creative

Design Stage

Did you know that 94% of first impressions online relate to your website design, as does 75% of your website credibility? Web impressions happen in an instant.

We create and amalgamate your brand elements, such as typography, imagery, icons, buttons, graphics and styling, to create a unique, original and exciting site design that connects. 

We create stories and tell yours in a way it’s never been told before. We define your message and understand your passions and inspirations so customers feel welcomed when they meet your business. 

Clever Fox Creative is strategic as well as creative, and your brand and site need to make you money. We design with clear calls to action and sales funnels that suit the customers and their browsing and buying habits.

“All websites have a purpose, but not all are built to represent it. We will ensure your website does more than just exist – it thrives.”

Nick, Clever Fox Creative
Bringing the vision to life

Development Stage

We create websites that disrupt, surprise and delight. It’s all down to a great visual experience, so we make our websites exciting and easy to use. We use gorgeous interactive and dynamic elements, smooth and seamless navigation, and a fast, efficient backend to get users engaged.

Clever Fox Creative can clearly state our approach to building websites: we’re transparent and flexible. We use clean development methods, strong foundations and optimise your sites to keep it running perfectly and showing your brand off perfectly.

It's Go Time

Launch & Handover

Ahoy! We see smooth sailing ahead. When we launch your website, we have a bulletproof checklist that covers every aspect of your launch so that everything goes perfectly. We test, verify and back up, just in case.

Importantly, we empower and educate. We don’t just hand you the keys and run, but train you on how to update and change your site, give you videos and references, and put you in the drivers’ seat. Importantly, we’re always here for you, whether you need us or not.

We welcome the curious, the inquisitive, the creative and the thinkers.