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Clarifying Your Message

2pm ACDT, 26th of May 2021

Join us for an in-house discussion with Nick Timms our Creative Web Designer, as he reveals why there’s a lot more to web design than making things look pretty. Learn how to:


There's a reason your customers aren't engaging.

It's probably what you're saying to them.

As a business, you’re not the hero of your customer’s story. If all you’re doing is telling them how good you are, you’re potentially missing out on a lot of engagements. 

In this webinar, Nick will walk you through how to build a story around your customers, and tell that story on your website in a way that connects with the people you want to do business with. 

You will walk away with a game-changing framework of how to speak to your customers, not only on your website but in every facet of your customer interactions. 

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Presented by
Nick Timms

Web Designer
Clever Fox Creative

Terri Williams

Founder & Digital Designer
Clever Fox Creative

Who is this perfect for?

You struggle to explain to people what you do

There’s a lot of ways to respond to ‘what do you do?’, but if you frantically start throwing around buzz words, it’s not going to stick with the person listening. 

You don't know what information your customers need to see

With so much noise out there it’s hard to know what you need to put out there in order for people to listen. 

You've noticed people aren't engaging on your website

Your website looks fantastic, but looking at the statistics you see your users aren’t taking action.

MEssaging that Matters

What will I learn during this webinar?

Any contributions will help to support individuals & families who are dealing with mental illness through Skylight

Skylight are inspired by the resilience of the human spirit and the potential in all of us to live well. They work with individuals and families to create environments of understanding, connection, optimism and courage.

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