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How to Write Killer Ad Copy That Converts

3pm ACDT, 29th of July 2021
Join us for a discussion with Chanelle Le Roux, the owner of NINKI Content Marketing, as she shows you how to write your own killer ad copy that converts.

"Writing ad copy is easy!" said no one ever.

When you’ve only got 125 characters to work with, it’s hard to know what you should and shouldn’t say. But don’t fret guys, we’ve got you…

Join us for our next webinar featuring Chanelle from NINKI content marketing who’ll show you how to write killer ad copy that converts.

Chanelle will show you the psychology behind successful ad copy and teach you how to write your own. She’ll also run you through some key tips to optimise your social media content. By the end of the session, you’ll be able to write your own ad copy like a PRO, AND improve your social media reach and engagement too.

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Presented by
Chanelle Le Roux

Owner & SEO Strategist
Open Door Marketing

Terri Williams

Founder & Digital Designer
Clever Fox Creative


NINKI creates content that amplifies your brand story, increases your online presence and helps you build meaningful relationships with your customers. Visit NINKI at or check them out on the socials @ninkicontentmarketing (they’re super funny on socials!)

Who is this perfect for?

You're struggling to be heard

You’ve filled up your word count but you’re not sure whether you’re connecting with your audience on the right level.

You don't want to outsource

Sometimes it feels safer and more affordable to do your own advertising, but if you don’t have the know-how on what to write, it may not work.

You're running ads with no conversions

We’ve all been there! You’ve been running your own DIY ads with the hopes to bring in work but they’re currently just sitting there stagnant.

Write your own killer ad copy

What will I learn during this webinar?

Any contributions will help to support individuals & families who are dealing with mental illness through Skylight

Skylight are inspired by the resilience of the human spirit and the potential in all of us to live well. They work with individuals and families to create environments of understanding, connection, optimism and courage.

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