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Understanding your People

11am ACDT, 23rd of February 2021

Join us for an interactive experience where we guide you through the journey of discovering who your ideal clients are and how to better connect with them.


Do you have trouble understanding what your clients want or how to market to new your ideal client?

Join Enya Crockford & Terri Williams who will guide you through the journey to truly understanding the motivations, desires and pains of your clients so that you can start to speak their language back to them and build up an audience of ideal clients around you.

Why is this important? Because when you don’t understand your clients, you’re essentially shouting into the void hoping that you’ll find someone to work with. When we understand what drives our favourite people, we can learn to attract more of the work we want, and the clients that we love.

In this webinar, we’ll talk about the simple but effective strategies behind understanding your clients, how to speak to them, how to create a fool-proof way of marketing to them and how to keep your brand on the same page as your clients.

There’s no catch and no cost unless you would like to donate to our chosen charity Skylight, simply fill out the form below and register to join in!

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Presented by
Enya Crockford

Founder & Copywriter
On The Message

Terri Williams

Founder & Designer
Clever Fox Creative

Who is this perfect for?

Established businesses who aren't sure if they're speaking to their clients

If you’re currently marketing more generally and picking up clients that aren’t ideal, we can show you how to align the two perfectly.

New businesses who aren't sure how to sell to their clients

You don’t know what you don’t know, and unless you’re a gun at market research it’s hard to get on the same page. We can guide you through the process of setting up your ideal user persona.

Businesses who haven't been successful in marketing and don't know why

Marketing is all about messaging, and until we know what that message is we’re not going to get anywhere. We’ll help you find what that message is and who it’s for.

Building a Brand

What will I learn during this webinar?

Any contributions will help to support individuals & families who are dealing with mental illness through Skylight

Skylight are inspired by the resilience of the human spirit and the potential in all of us to live well. They work with individuals and families to create environments of understanding, connection, optimism and courage.

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