Branding & Graphic Design

Your new brand is the first and last thing your customers will remember about you.

Your brand tells your story in a heartbeat and each touchpoint seamlessly grows your story.

Brands create loyalty, a sense of belonging and a frisson of delight. Brands are the science behind customers feeling those seemingly inexplicable immediate connections.

Clever Fox Creative will take you through an in-depth (yet chill) process as we uncover these pieces of you and produce a cohesive brand that stands out and emotionally connects you with your customers.

To achieve those instant connections, your Clever Fox Creative brand will be stylish and the perfect visual representation of everything you stand for. We design your logo, your style guide, flyers, labels and everything in between. All cohesive, all beautiful.


We definitely expect the process to be collaborative and for us to work as partners. Firstly, we need a great brief, and we can talk you through that to get a great result. We recommend you read up about our process so you’re clear on the steps. It’s fun, engaging, and very satisfying. You’re also involved along the way so your brand delivers.

It won’t just look good, it will look legendary. Our brand work speaks for itself, and we’ve built a clear process around understanding you and your business, and getting it right the first time. We show you our initial design thinking, then refined logos and concepts, before we refine and polish your brand. You see every step, and are involved so you can give us feedback early and often. Our collaborative style means happy clients, every time.

We work with our clients to create a timeline that’s mutually beneficial, and most brands are ready to be launched within 6-8 weeks of us being appointed.

We’re very up front and transparent about our pricing and payment terms based on what you need, and there are no hidden costs, so you can be comfortable to contact us for a quote.

We recommend you read up on our process so you can understand how it works. The next step is to contact us and book in a chat!

Terri and the team have worked tirelessly to create the beautiful logos, marketing and website that helped create our vision for our clinic. Incredibly grateful for finding them and working with them.

Philip Coulson
Chiropractic on winston

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