Custom Website Design & Development

Your new custom website will feel like you’re switching the business lights on for the first time.

Responsive, easy to update and gives your customers a smooth experience from click to transact.

Your website starts with answering the ‘why’. Why are you there? What do you need the site to deliver? What do you want your customer to experience? What will you accomplish?

We seek to create that instant online connection for your customers. We design beautiful, unique, eye-catching websites that are device-responsive and accessible to all.

Importantly, our team of in-house developers will build the site into a fast, modern and easy-to-update digital asset. We’re transparent, share what’s under the hood, and free you up to do what you do best – run your business.

Your website will, within a matter of weeks, transform from the germination of an idea to a beautiful, engaging experience your customers adore using.


We always recommend clients be in control of their assets, which includes their domain name and web hosting. We step clients through the process of finding this information, or getting it set up, and can always make recommendations and give advice.

We definitely expect the process to be collaborative and for us to work as partners. Firstly, we need a great brief, and we can talk you through that to get a great result.

Next, we need to be able to get the content we need; this varies from client to client, but can include photography, product lists and pricing, and some website content. Now, we can engage photographers for you, and we work with some fabulous copywriters, so if you don’t have time to get this done, we can scope and quote it out for you, and we have very high standards of quality control. But we want you to be involved along the way so the site is everything you’ve dreamed of.

This has never happened at Clever Fox Creative, and that’s because we’ve built a clear process around getting it right the first time. We show you our initial design thinking, then refined prototypes, before we have a final design you sign off on before we even start building your website. You see every step, and are involved so you can give us feedback early and often. Our collaborative style means happy clients, every time.

This comes right back to the ‘why’. Why work with us and go through this process? It’s because we empower business owners to build a profitable and successful online presence. We custom design and develop websites that grow with you.

There are so many reasons to get it done once, and right, which include stunning design and aesthetics, a unique look that stands out, no theme limitations, a longer shelf, room for growth, expert thinking and design, and more. But most importantly, a custom website positions you to set trends instead of following them, and gives you a commercial website that’s literally built to achieve YOUR goals.

We work with our clients to create a timeline that’s mutually beneficial, and most sites are live within 6-8 weeks of us being appointed.

We’re very up front and transparent about our pricing and payment terms based on what you need, there are no hidden costs, so you can be comfortable to contact us for a quote.

We recommend you read up on our process so you can understand how it works. The next step is to contact us and book in a chat!

Website case study

Creating a Silver Lining that goes beyond dark clouds

Silver Lining Wine is a new entrant to the bustling Adelaide Hills wine scene with a fresh future and an experienced past, with Winemaker Marty Edwards having over 20 years in the industry as a vigneron.

A Parkinson’s diagnosis was the impetus for a fresh start and the creation of a new vehicle to give back. Marty and Clever Fox Creative partnered to produce the website for his new venture, Silver Lining Wine, a carefully curated selection of wines which represent unique parcels from elite Adelaide Hills sites.

Nothing is ever too much trouble for Clever Fox. I was attracted to their professionalism in the beginning and this has been maintained and exceeded through out our relationship. I highly recommend Clever Fox.

Kiley Hay
Baby Carriers Australia

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